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Baseball Cap Storage

My husband loves his snapbacks.

I hate them for one specific reason. Try and try as I might to organize them, tell him to put them up a certain way, and make them look nice/stack them on each other, somehow they always end up in our mudroom looking like this on top of our shoe shelf –

Granted, it’s a little obvious by the picture there are other things poorly organized, but I think the little stuff like Kleenex boxes and dog leashes would be easier to straighten up if not trapped under a mudslide of hats.  It took me awhile to figure out what to do, but eventually like all great things, I found a good solution on Pinterest and gave it a go.

We bought a small, thin curtain rod from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Then we were on the hunt for shower curtain rings that had clips on them.  We could not really find a price point we liked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond which lead us to my favorite favorite store, Target. The end product of nicely hanging hats ended up like this, hanging above our coat rack –

The clips make it incredibly easy to remove and hang up hats.  Typically when some hats get to the bottom of that mudslide pile before, they didn’t get as much love.  Now all the choices are promptly in front of his face.

This was all done for under $15 and only took under 10 minutes to hang up.

This helps me on the quest to organize my life and I would recommend it to any one needing a little organization in the hat area.


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