Breakfast in Chicago

Hey friendship,

If there’s one thing you should know about me, I love a good breakfast.  I love a good brunch. I love a good breakfast for dinner. I’m a breakfast person.  So whilst in Chicago I tried out a couple of places I want to share with you.

We were in town in Chicago for a wedding.  Spent 3 days there, so we had 3 days of breakfasts.

Stan’s Doughnuts

Day one – Not the world’s most appetizing looking doughnut I’m sure, but 10/10 would recommend.  The frosting hit the side of the bag on my way to my table and it got all sweaty looking :/ Whenever I’m out of town, I always want to have a doughnut from a local store and this was the one everyone recommended.  On the left we have a normal sprinkled chocolate doughnut, and on the right we have a dreamsicle doughnut – a classic and a specialty.  Both impressed.  The dreamsicle really did taste like the popsicle.  I got two doughnuts because that’s the amount I usually get at any other place, but trust me, these are huge.  You’ll probably be fine and able to get away with only one and be full still. I couldn’t finish both.


Quick side note –

My favorite animal is a moose.  They have this mural of a moose blowing a bubble with bubblegum in the Wabash Arts Corridor. I had this dream where I stood in front of it also blowing a bubble.  It didn’t work out which is why it’s not fabulously documented here.  But if you’re ever in Chicago, I think you should give it a shot and pull it off so I can live through you vicariously.  I snapped this on my way to Stan’s.

Back to the breakfast.

Kitty O’Sheas

This restaurant was inside our hotel at the Hilton.  It was kind of a last ditch effort that ended up really surprising me. Typically restaurants that are attached to hotels are so-so.  I ordered the S’mores French Toast – and oh boy.  I can’t even tell you how delicious it was. It looks like it would be sweetness overkill and it was the perfect amount.  Not over powering sweetness, but just the right amount.  I finished the whole thing and if I ever find myself in Chicago, even if I wasn’t staying at the Hilton, I’d find my way back here.



You’ll need to excuse the picture quality and set up, I’m still figuring this thing out.  But yolk is a trendy little restaurant. We had about a 30 minute wait on a Sunday, which I think it typical of a breakfast place at prime breakfast time. I ordered a bacon waffle.  It had little bacon bits in it.  I’m not sure why more restaurants haven’t thought of it. It’s really the best of both worlds. I’m a big judge of eggs.  I feel like a lot of restaurants cook their scrambled eggs really lazily. These get a pass for me though.  Don’t worry – they didn’t put that much pepper on it, I’m the pepper culprit.


There you have it.  My 3 day breakfast journey in Chicago.  It’s a large city, with lots of places to eat.  These happen to all be walking distance from my hotel.  Is there anywhere you like to breakfast in Chicago?

All the love and regards,


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