Brunch in Omaha – Early Bird

Hey friendship!

I have 4 siblings (1 brother, 3 sisters).  I am number 4 on the totem pole. Because we are all adults, or at least pretending to be these days, it’s really hard to get together all at once, as often as we would like. My brother made us all resolve to get brunch once a month, so I figured it might be good to document our culinary journey across Omaha.  Everyone always asks, is there anything to do in Omaha? My answer is always – food.  It’s a great city for local eats, and it doesn’t really make much sense to go to anywhere but a local place.

I’m hoping to make this a recurring series, so we will see if we maintain our sibling commitment, so I can maintain my brunch review commitment. This month we decided to go to Early Bird.

Early Bird – $$

First and foremost, look how cute entirely cute their main wall is.  The whole restaurant carries out this theme, and it feels like an Instagram-able experience.  I give this two out of four dollar signs for price, but it is money well spent.  Even though it’s more on the pricey side, it’s worth the ambiance and tasty food.


Cereal Killer

I’m not sure if we have talked about my love of cereal here yet, but it’s strong.  My sister and I got the Cereal Killer pancakes.  Mine was a pancake topped with Cap’n Crunch, as well as baked inside and my sister got the same, but with Honey Nut Cheerios. It was topped with a vanilla glaze.  I made mine a combo with eggs and bacon. The scrambled eggs were the right amount of fluffy.  I feel like scrambled eggs can really be hit or miss when you order them in a restaurant, and these were definitely a hit for me.  It very much is on the sweet side, so bring your sweet-tooth!

Breakfast Burger

Can’t really go wrong with a burger topped with an egg and smothered in gravy.  Jordan ordered this.  He’s a gravy guy, and said the gravy was delicious.  The little hash brown tower was equally so.  Jordan did say he wishes he went a little more adventurous and got something different – but there’s always next time.

Steak and Eggs

While the steak could have used a tad more seasoning, the eggs stole the show because of how fluffy they were.  The bacon was decent.  I prefer my bacon more on the cripsy side, so I’ll definitely have to make that request next time.  My brother paired this with a Vanilla Latte and raved about it.

My oldest sister got the Bird Cage which is french toast with an egg baked in the middle, which she said was as delicious as it sounded.  I made the mistake of not letting her let me take a picture of it before she took a bite 🙂 We live and learn.


Overall, really enjoyed my experience here.  The wait is really long, I heard them telling people up to an hour for a table of four.  But it was Sunday at prime brunch time – 12pm. If you use the Nowait app before you arrive, you have the chance to bypass it just a little bit. Even if you did end up having to wait a whole hour, I would say it’s worth it.  Good food, with good people is really all we want in life <3

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