Snack Pool Party

Hey friendship!

I received my favorite text message of the summer recently.  It was from a very good friend of mine, Iris, inviting me to a pool party saying: “The theme is ‘Snacks’ so come looking like a snack, bring a snack shaped floatie, and please bring a favorite snack and/or alcoholic beverage.”

I absolutely adore a good theme, so I was all over it.  I purchased a doughnut floatie (which I feel is the basic snack floatie) and brought mini doughnuts to share. I think the biggest snack floatie provider is Bigmouth Inc which has their entire catalog on Amazon and a good subset of those floaties are at Target and/or Walmart for all your snack floatie needs if you don’t have time to wait for 2 day shipping.

We ended up with a myriad of great floaties, some I didn’t even know existed. The stars of the pool were doughnuts, lollipops, pineapple, watermelon, clam, and the poop emoji, which if you think about the process of snacks – it still fit the theme. There were even little co-stars, which were doughnut beverage floaties, although they were the culprit for some split drinks in the pool.

This was a good spin on the classic pool party to give it some life. I think everyone had a great time as seen below.

Also, if you ever run into that clam floatie at any point in your life, you should 100% buy it. It felt like I was royalty for the afternoon and was surprisingly very comfortable for lounging if you ditched the pearl.


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