Build Your Own Pizza Bar

Hey friendship!

Last summer I spur of the moment bought a clay pizza oven.  No idea how to work it, just wanted saw a beautiful section in World Market dedicated to all things pizza oven and it won me over.  Talk about consumerism.  Anyways, I busted it out for the first time this summer and built a pizza bar to go with it.  It was simple, easy, and relatively cheap to put together.


I set it up in step by step order to make it look like much effort was put in, when in reality, it wasn’t much.  I bought brown packaging roll paper – similar to what is linked there.  But honestly, I bought mine on a whim at target for $5ish.  They keep it by their envelope and postage section, if that helps you find it. I laid it out over the table, and put the ingredients on top.  I wrote on it with pernament marker, maybe 10 minutes before the guests came.  If you are skilled with making letters look pretty, I’m sure you could make this look amazing.  Then the guests can just go through, and make the personal pizza of their dreams for that night.  I ended up rolling all the pizza dough myself, because you have to get the crust pretty thin in order for it to bake through.


You’re only as good as the ingredients you provide 🙂 Like all food, the higher quality, the better your pizza tastes in the end.  It’s really up to you, but these all seemed like staple items to provide.

  • dough – if you have local pizza shops in your area, a lot of them will sell you the dough. I think this is the better way to go because it’s usually pretty inexpensive, but tastes exceptional
  • alfredo sauce – we had the idea we could have some alfredo chicken pizza as a twist to the normal pizza
  • regular pizza sauce
  • freshly ground Italian sausage – we bought this at a local meat shop vs going to the stores pre-packaged version and I really think it made all the difference
  • chicken
  • cheese (mozzarella and cheddar) – we just bought pre-packaged cheese due to a time crunch, but in the future I’d like to go to a supermarket’s cheese section and grate the cheese for a more of a fresh taste.
  • olives (black and green)
  • pesto
  • fresh peppers – not sure if you remember my building a summer garden with no experience post, but I planted peppers and THEY. DIDN’T. DIE  🙂  We got to eat some for the first time on a good pizza no less!
  • pepperoni 

End Result

I may write a post one day outlining how to use a clay pizza oven.  There’s surprisingly not a lot of good resources online for using them.  We have 2 trial pizzas before we got them baking perfectly.  But here is what my personal pizza looked like in the end:

Excuse the gobs of ranch by it.  Got a little ranch happy on my salad.  There you have it!  A personal pizza from a build your own pizza bar.

Let me know if you ever try it out! What’s your favorite pizza?

All the love and regards,


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