Things to Do in Kansas City: The Selfie Boutique

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One of the closest “bigger” cities to me is Kansas City. It’s always been a fun weekend trip. Having been there so many times in my life, it can be hard to keep the trip fresh and fun. My last trip there, we made a visit to The Selfie Boutique. Technically, it’s located in Leawood, Kansas – but that’s just a stone’s throw away from Kansas City.

Most pop-up, fun, instagramable places I see on Instagram and Pinterest are always in LA or NYC which is disappointing living so far away from there. However, The Selfie Boutique is right in the Midwest.

Since I’ve started following them back in the summer, they have changed their exhibit 3 times. I officially visited them in September. The following photos in this blog are from that visit. Since then, they have changed their exhibits. To see what they have going on in their current set up, check out their Instagram. The boutique is complete with professional lighting to give you the best looking pictures. It was only $15 at the time I went in September 2018 and we went on a Saturday afternoon and did not feel overcrowded in the least bit.

The exhibits

This lovely set of images doesn’t even compass all of the exhibits they had. This is technically missing 3, I just looked not great in those pictures 🙂

10/10 would recommend an afternoon at The Selfie Boutique if you ever found yourself in the area. It’s fun. It’s fresh. It’s instagramable.

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