About me

Hey there, I’m Taylor!


I’m 25.

Who knew years later a scene from Spongebob would ended up being the theme of my year. The whole purpose of this blog here is I turned 25 and wanted to execute all my mental plans.  I’m an amateur blogger at best, but I graduated winter of 2015 and I miss having school (can’t believe that’s true) as a creative outlet for projects.  So this is my personal life, fun project and the best part, there’s no way it’ll cause my self-worth to be wrapped up in a GPA.

My 9-5 is doing front end software development.

So in all my free time not being a big nerd, I want to do and document:

  • Party Planning – Please tell me I’m not the only one who loves a good theme.  I will beat a theme to death.
  • Home improvement/DIY – We bought our first house in June 2015 and are still on the quest of making a house a home (sorry for the awful cliche).
  • Travel – I love my hometown.  I love having to miss it more.


The husband

This is Jordan, all around good guy.  He jokes I’ve made him an Instagram husband. He’s also my supervisor on all my projects.  We love him for it.

The dogs

First, is my favorite picture of my Australian Shepherd, Koto.  She doesn’t put up with any of your nonsense.
Second, is my mixed lab, Zoey.  Don’t let the innocent face fool you, she’s all terror and disobedience.

I have a fish named Tha Carter II.  My former fish was named Weezy F. Beta (and the F is for Fish).  Shout out to any Lil Wayne fans, that reference was for you.



You’d be my favorite person if you signed up for my email list.  I’m just getting started 🙂

All the love and regards,