Baseball Cap Storage

My husband loves his snapbacks.

I hate them for one specific reason. Try and try as I might to organize them, tell him to put them up a certain way, and make them look nice/stack them on each other, somehow they always end up in our mudroom looking like this on top of our shoe shelf –

Granted, it’s a little obvious by the picture there are other things poorly organized, but I think the little stuff like Kleenex boxes and dog leashes would be easier to straighten up if not trapped under a mudslide of hats.  It took me awhile to figure out what to do, but eventually like all great things, I found a good solution on Pinterest and gave it a go.

We bought a small, thin curtain rod from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Then we were on the hunt for shower curtain rings that had clips on them.  We could not really find a price point we liked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond which lead us to my favorite favorite store, Target. The end product of nicely hanging hats ended up like this, hanging above our coat rack –

The clips make it incredibly easy to remove and hang up hats.  Typically when some hats get to the bottom of that mudslide pile before, they didn’t get as much love.  Now all the choices are promptly in front of his face.

This was all done for under $15 and only took under 10 minutes to hang up.

This helps me on the quest to organize my life and I would recommend it to any one needing a little organization in the hat area.


All the love and regards,


Taylor tries Warby Parker

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty helpless without glasses.  I typically wear contacts, but I have a pair of glasses I wear a couple times a week. I feel like to some degree, glasses are trendy, so it’s nice to bust them out every once in awhile.

I have had the glasses I own for about 4 years now.

For the most part they are cute. They get the job done.  The prescription is old, but still usable, but sometimes it is time for a change.  Getting glasses from your eye doctor can be so pricey, so I decided to look into alternative solutions.

My little sister told me about Warby Parker so I decided to give it a shot.  It’s a website where you can fill out a quiz for what type of glasses you are looking for, and it will bring up glasses that you may like.  I felt the quiz was pretty spot on.  Then, you can select up to 5 frames to try on. They’ll send you your frame selections, you get to try them on in your home, and send them back when you’re done. Best part – it’s free.  If you found your match, you can actually purchase the frame with your prescription in it, for what is low cost considering how much getting eyeglasses from your eye doctor costs.

This is my review of the 5 frames I tried on.

 LOUISE – Elderflower Crystal

On the website, this one appears like it will come out to be more of a pink color, considering the other option for this one is clear. However, when I was wearing it, it looked pretty clear to me. I liked it, but my little sister has clear glasses and enough people already think we look exactly alike. We cannot confuse the masses.

 LAUREL – Tea Rose Fade

This pair happened to be my second favorite. I think the color fade on this pair of glasses is so unique.  The reason it’s only second place, is they look pretty similar to my current glasses, and part of the reason to get new glasses is for people to notice them, right? 🙂

 ANDERS – River Stone Fade

This pair happened to be my least favorite, just because the frames are little too thick for my taste.  Also, I feel like a very important feature of glasses, if they are your dominant pair, is for it to be versatile with different outfits and I felt like these ones would stick out in a lot of my outfit choices just because there’s so many colors going on.  If they were a secondary pair, I think it might make more sense for someone.

 EUGENE – Rosewood Crystal

I actually liked this pair a lot.  The only thing that held me back about them is they are so giant.  They almost seem too giant for my face. Also, they hide my eyebrows, which I spend a lot of time making those look good and I’d like the world to see.

 HUDSON – Warm Gold

Saving the best for last!  These were my absolute favorite.  I was trying to stick to the $95 glasses only, and these were my “splurge” glasses, so I was really hoping not to like them.  The picture does not do it justice.  The gold is very reflective.  You also must learn now, I love gold. Gold everything. These just felt classy the moment I put them on.  I could see a few outfits where it might not work, but I think overall, these are a nice neutral pair, but with a flare.

Overall, I am happy with my experience with Warby Parker thus far.  I still need to return the box with all the glasses.  I plan on making a purchase and I would recommend it to someone who was glasses hunting.  It was a fun change up to the normal glasses shopping.


All the love and regards,


P.S. My husband Jordan wants some “photo cred” for the above pictures for having to be an Instagram husband

Turning 25

Hello there,


I have come to a point in my life where I realize there are lots of things I want to do that I have not done yet.  Twenty-five feels a bit of a milestone that I should do something with.

I pin things on Pinterest all the time, make plans but never follow through.  This year is different.

I’m going to commit to doing a project or having an experience, and documenting it here.

Right now this is just a personal project, but I have hopes it’ll turn into something more.


All the love and regards,